Woodrow Wilson Montessori


About the Program

Woodrow Wilson Montessori School is Houston’s first public all-Montessori campus. In 2003, Friends of Montessori petitioned Houston ISD for an all-Montessori campus. Houston ISD and FOM entered a partnership in 2005, designating Woodrow Wilson Elementary for a public all-Montessori program. Wilson began transitioning to Montessori curriculum in the Fall of 2005. It was renamed Woodrow Wilson Montessori in 2008 after completing the transition; its Middle school community started with 7th grade in 2008, adding the 8th grade in 2009. Woodrow Wilson Montessori is an Associate Member School of the American Montessori Society.

Woodrow Wilson Montessori currently serves students ages 3-14, in Pre-K through 8th grade in both English and Bilingual classrooms. The Montessori classroom is a specially designed environment in which children develop a community over a three-year period. In addition, children experience a spiraling, connected curriculum founded on Montessori principles where they develop a love for learning through self-directed work and thought.

Woodrow Wilson Montessori is committed to creating a student-centered learning environment that seeks to nurture the unique creativity of each child through the efforts of a dedicated and caring staff, parents and community. The learning environment focuses on strategies aimed at helping students achieve academic excellence and become responsible life-long learners and contributing members of society.

Woodrow Wilson Montessori, formerly Woodrow Wilson Elementary, was built in 1924 on the site of the home of Republic of Texas president Mirabeau B. Lamar. In 1925, Wilson opened and became the showplace school of the city for many years. Among the school’s most famous alumni are journalist Walter Cronkite and former Texas Governor, Mark White.