The Celebration of Life in the Classroom

Birthdays are a time to focus on the birthday child’s special day, emphasizing his or her growth since birth.  We celebrate birthdays in our classrooms in the following ways:

  1. We dramatize the passage of time since birth by having the birthday child carry the earth’s globe around a candle, representing the sun, one time for each year of your child’s life.
  2. We read special events in the life of the birthday child, as supplied by the parent for the teacher to read or told directly by the parent if they are available to come to class on that day.
  3. We invite the birthday child to bring one photo for each year of life. Your child will be asked to talk or write about each photo.
  4. You are invited to send a simple nutritious snack.  Some examples are fruit, cheese, muffins, or popcorn. Per HISD nutritional guidelines, cakes, cupcakes and candy are not permitted.

If you are planning a party outside of school, please send your personal invitations by telephone or mail. The children are very aware of invitations that come to school and those who are not invited, even in another classroom, are often very sad that they have not been included.