How You Can Help

Why does Friends of Montessori need my help?

FOM is a 100% volunteer organization dedicated to making its schools the best educational alternatives in HISD. Your help is needed and greatly appreciated in fundraising, creation of materials, communications (our newsletters and web site), planning and executing educational events, and raising district awareness of parental support.

Consider serving as a Board member or on a committee such as:

Grant Writing – This committee develops requests to various funding organizations for large and small grants that support the Montessori program.

Communications – This committee is responsible for a quarterly newsletter, our FOM BigTent site, this web site, media announcements, flyers, letters, and publicity for the program.

BigTent is an online social network dedicated to communications about our Montessori programs and all FOM partnering schools. Once in the program and on the list, you’ll receive electronic messages about upcoming events, classroom news from teachers, ways you can support the program and info about Montessori resources. Once your child is enrolled, you can go to, search for Friends of Montessori, click on the link and submit your request to join.


Friends of Montessori gratefully accepts donations from the community. You can support Friends of Montessori by making cash donations, and also by making in-kind donations of materials.

You can now donate cash in any amount to Friends of Montessori via PayPal. It’s fast, easy, and tax-deductible. Friends of Montessori is a registered 510 (c) 3 not-for-profit charitable organization. We can acknowledge your donations with a donor acknowledgment letter.  Click on the link listed in the menu to the left to make your donation. Please make a notation to earmark which affiliated school you would like to receive your donation.

Donations of classroom materials, furniture, lab equipment, books, etc. are also welcome. If you or someone you know is involved with a foundation, corporation, or other granting organization that might be interested in this project, please contact Shana Tatum at

Since 2011, Friends of Montessori has accomplished many great things:


  • Donated $750,000 in classroom materials to HISD Montessori schools
  • In support of Dodson Montessori Magnet, Garden Oaks Montessori Magnet, and Woodrow Wilson Montessori in being included in the 2012 bond proposal
  • Attended a key meeting with HISD Administrators to discuss a need for strong, authentic Montessori programs district wide
  • Held a Meet & Greet for families district wide at Wilson’s Wonderground SPARK Park


  • Advocated to HISD for Garden Oaks Montessori Magnet to become a PK3 – 8th grade school; a 7th grade classroom has been added beginning the 2013 – 14 school year
  • Provided funds for teachers including:
  • $1,500 to create the new vegetable gardens in front of the West Children’s House wing
  • $1,200 to create a new paved outdoor learning areas in front of the West Children’s House wing
  • $800 to purchase new classroom materials
  • $500 to provide a student field trip to the Vines Environmental Science Center for Upper Elementary students
  • Donated teaching materials for the new 7th grade and the future 8th grade classrooms
  • Donated $2,100 to support teacher and administrator attendance at the American Montessori Society Annual Convention and the Dallas Montessori conference
  • Provided $350 for teachers to attend a workshop on Montessori science curriculum


  • Funded $16,900 toward the Children’s Garden & Urban Harvest program
  • Provided $13,500 toward a new Lower Elementary classroom
  • Funded $8,000 for a new Upper Elementary classroom
  • Donated $4,000 toward Upper and Lower Elementary Montessori classroom materials
  • Donated $2,150 to support teacher and administrator attendance at the American Montessori Society Annual Convention and the Dallas Montessori conference
  • Paid $840 for Wilson to become an associate school of the American Montessori Society